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Car Hire Tips:

Automatic or Manual cars?

In the USA, most hire cars are automatic and so don’t cost more; in Europe and much of the rest of the world the default is manual. If you have specific requirements, ask.

Do You Need Aircon

The majority of cars tend to have air conditioning as rental companies upgrade fleets often, however don’t assume the car will have aircon. If you’re going in peak summer you are likely to need it for any long journeys.

Types Of Vehicles

The smaller and less sexy the vehicle, the cheaper it’ll be in fuel costs an to hire. In summer, soft-tops or coupes command a huge premium.

If you’re hiring in the USA, a small car in the States is often what’s defined as a mid-sized family car in Europe.

When you hire, cars fit into classes, yet these are loosely defined. It varies from company to company, but here’s a rough run down:

Mini: Usually a two-door car with a small 1.0 litre engine. It can fit four people at a squeeze but you’ll struggle with lots of luggage. Usually offered as a manual car without air conditioning.

Economy: Two to four-door car which can fit a family of four (i.e., two adults, two kids) plus a standard amount of luggage. Again, unlikely to be an automatic or to have air conditioning.

Compact: A four-door car which can fit five people and around two suitcases comfortably. Might be an automatic drive. If so, you’ll pay extra.

Standard: A four-door car with a 1.8-2.0 litre engine that can fit four to five adults comfortably plus a good amount of luggage. Will usually have air conditioning and be an automatic.

Full-size: A four-door automatic car or people carrier with the full works including room for five or more and lots of luggage, power steering & air conditioning.

Prestige: A sportier car (though don’t expect a Lamborghini) with a big engine and everything a full size has.

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