Phuket Car Hire Insurance

Our car hire insurance contract contains all terms and conditions and is a standard international rental contract, there is no small print and no tricks, nevertheless it should be studied before signing as it states the rights and liability of each party.

The Tokio Marine Car Hire Insurance Company

Despite their claims many of the road side renters on Phuket have little or no insurance and some other companies add it to the rental price. Braun Car Rental are fully and comprehensively insured with The Tokio Marine Insurance Company for our vehicle and any vehicle or property that you may be in collision with and this insurance is not an extra, it is included in our rental price. Insurance included in our price.

Also we have no charge for an additional driver (All drivers should have a valid driving license to be covered by our insurance).

Our rental contract is available in English and German.


  • Every car is insured in full with first class rental insurance, (subject to a 5,000 Baht excess/deductable in the event of an accident/claim) this insurance is included in our rental price. A copy of the insurance papers are stored in each car.
  • In addition, we have obtained a caution security insurance (bail bond), offering bail of 200,000 Baht in the unlikely event that our clients are confronted with detention/imprisonment due to an accident (also already included in the rental price).
  • It should be noted that whilst our insurance covers our car in total and any third parties vehicle or property up to a maximum of 10,000,000 (Ten Million) Baht per accident, medical coverage of driver and passengers in our car is limited, different amounts are set for different types of injury which are standard in Thailand but not high by western standards and travel insurance is recommended for this.
  • Theft of our vehicle is included under our insurance (as long as it was locked at the time) and although we have not had a problem with this it should also be noted that theft/loss of any personal belongings left in the vehicle would not be included.
  • Customers are kindly encouraged to take photographs or videos of the vehicle upon takeover to confirm any pre-existing damage noted in the contract, avoiding potential misunderstandings.
  • In case you find yourself in some kind of accident it is useful to have the right contact numbers to hand, such as ambulance and hospitals you will find a list here.


You should be in possession of a legal and valid drivers license. We highly recommend you to bring an international license. Payment should be made on delivery of the car.

Renting from us

At Braun we aim to trade in a fair and reasonable manner. Our overriding concern is to provide you with a service that you will want to use again and again. Very occasionally things may not quite go to plan and if at any time you feel that the service you have received is less than fair and correct please contact us directly. Our ambition is for you to make Braun a habit. We know that if we put right problems fairly and swiftly you will hopefully still recommend us to your friends and family. Above all, we know it’s better not to have problems in the first place which is why we do our very best to ensure that this is the case.