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Braun Car Rentals Toyota Altis

The Toyota Altis, similar to a Honda Civic, a is the more roomy cousin of a Toyota Vios. It’s 1.8 litre engine will whisk you around Phuket’s attractions in comfort and safety. A 5 seater but with more room than a Vios and a larger engine it is also fitted with a radio/CD player, USB connection & Aux input for iPhone/ipod. Another good selection for up to 5 people to tour the island comfortably.

Why hire a Toyota Altis in Phuket?

When it comes to car rentals Toyota Altis is a popular and well-regarded sedan that can be a great choice for holiday rental in Phuket. Here are some reasons why the Toyota Corolla Altis may be a suitable option:

  1. Comfortable Interior: The Altis is known for its comfortable and spacious interior, providing a pleasant experience for both the driver and passengers during long drives or exploration around Phuket.
  2. Spacious Seating: With seating for five passengers, the Toyota Altis is suitable for small groups or families, offering ample space for everyone.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: It is typically designed to be fuel-efficient, which can be advantageous for those planning to explore various parts of Phuket without frequent refueling stops.
  4. Smooth Ride: The sedan is known for its smooth and stable ride, contributing to a comfortable driving experience on different road conditions.
  5. Trunk Space: The Altis often provides a decent amount of trunk space, allowing you to store luggage and belongings easily during your holiday.
  6. Reliability: Toyota is known for producing reliable vehicles, and the Altis is no exception. Renting one provides you with a reliable and trustworthy mode of transportation.
  7. Ease of Driving: The Toyota Altis is designed to be user-friendly and easy to drive. This is particularly important for travelers who may not be familiar with the roads in Phuket.
  8. Respected Brand: Toyota is a well-respected brand globally, known for its commitment to quality and durability. Renting a Toyota will give you confidence in the performance of the vehicle.

Always adhere to local traffic rules, drive responsibly, and familiarize yourself with the driving conditions in Phuket to have a safe and enjoyable holiday experience.

Toyota Altis 1.8 Auto
First Class insurance Included

Engine Size: 1.8 Litre
Fuel: Gasohol 95
Max Seats: 5
Gearbox: Automatic
Class: Sedan / Saloon

 Air Conditioning
Central Locking
Power Steering
Audio USB/CD/iPhone
4 Door

Standard Day Rate Car Rental Prices

1st May – 31st Oct(lower)1,400 thb
1st Nov – 15th Dec(pre)1,500 thb
16th Dec – 31st Jan(main)1,700 thb
1st Feb – 30 April(post)1,500 thb

*Discount car hire of 5% on 7 days – 10% for 14 day cheapest car hire

Toyota Altis Car Rental Phuket  5% – 20% Discounts – with Free Delivery*

PRICE PER DAYup to 6 days7-13 days14-20 days21-27 days28 days +
SAVE(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
1st May – 31st Oct1,400 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
1st Nov – 15th Dec1,500 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
16th Dec – 31st Jan1,700 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
1st Feb – 30th Apr1,500 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)

* Please note that we are not always able to deliver to the south of the island for very short periods, on these occasions we do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and will try to suggest an alternative.

Braun Car Rental are Fully and Comprehensively Insured with The Safety Insurance Company of Thailand for our vehicle and any vehicle or property you may be in collision with. This insurance is not an extra, it is included in our rental price read more

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