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Daily Car Hire Prices – with Free Airport & Island Delivery*

MODEL 1 May – 31 Oct 1 Nov – 15 Dec & 1 Feb – 30 Apr 16 Dec – 31 Jan
Car Hire Toyota Yaris 1.5 (Auto.) 1,100 THB 1,300 THB 1,400 THB
MODEL 1 May – 31 Oct 1 Nov – 15 Dec & 1 Feb – 30 Apr 16 Dec – 31 Jan
Car Hire Honda City 1.5 (Auto) 1,200 THB 1,300 THB 1,400 THB
Sedan Rent Toyota Vios 1.5 (Auto)
Car Hire Honda Jazz 1.5 (Auto)
Car Hire Honda Civic 1.6 (Auto.) 1,400 THB 1,500 THB 1,600 THB
Saloon Hire Toyota Altis 1.6 (Auto.)
Car Hire Toyota Avanza 1.5 (Auto.) 1,400 THB 1,600 THB 1,700 THB
4WD Rent Toyota Fortuner 3.0 (Auto) 2,300 THB 2,400 THB 2,600 THB
Minivan Hire Toyota Hiace (Auto) 2,500 THB 2,600 THB 2,800 THB
Minivan Rent Hyundai H1 2.4 (Auto) 2,600 THB 2,700 THB 2,900 THB
Pick Up Hire Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 (Auto) 1,600 THB 1,700 THB 1,800 THB
Pick Up Hire Toyota Revo Hilux 2.4 (Auto)

* Please note that we are not always able to deliver to the south of the island for very short periods, on these occasions we do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and will try to suggest an alternative.

Phuket Car Rental – Phuket Airport Delivery

Braun Car Hire – the most trusted car rentals on the island

Braun Phuket Car Rental (UK management) provides clean & comfortable, late model vehicles with full commercial, first class insurance at affordable prices. Phuket airport delivery available as well as to many locations around the island. Our vehicle rental service includes: Comfort, Safety, first class insurance and delivery. We ask for no advance/on-line payments, there are no hidden costs, no cancellation or amendment fees and no charge for an additional driver. GPS & Child Seats available on request.
We endevour to make your vehicle hire the very best car rental experience it can be.

We accept reservation requests by e-mail and telephone and for any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to e-mail

Honest, No-nonsense Vehicle Rentals

Over 80 Vehicles and 11 different models to choose from, our prices are amongst the most competitive rates for Phuket car rentals. In addition prices include International standard top insurance and if you book direct via internet, you will be able to save the common commission payments for agents, plus you will receive a 5% discount if you book for 7 days or more and for 14 days hire or more a huge 10% discount. To make a reservation, please use our booking request form.

Braun car rentals are a completely customer centric company. Set up by the owners to be the type of car rental company that they themselves would wish to rent from. There are absolutely no hidden charges or any unethical practices of any kind whatsoever.

Our Contract

There is no small print in our contract. It is a standard international one but as with all contracts it should be read thoroughly and understood before signing.
Our aim is not to have a one-time renter but rather to have happy customers return time and time again to rent their vehicle from us when visiting Phuket.

Payment in full should be made on delivery of the rental car. As our peace of mind guarantee, no payment is requested until you have seen and are happy with your rental vehicle. If you don’t like it you don’t have to take it though we are certain that wouldn’t be the case.

Yes long term discounts are available and depend on the term, please contact us for exact rate.

Occasionally we have to allocate a similar (same priced) model but in the vast majority of cases it is possible to choose your model and this is almost always the case.

At the time of your rental delivery we will need to see the passport and driving licences of the main renter and any additional drivers. We do not retain any of these documents.

Yes, it is Thai law that drivers should have their driving licence with you at all times whilst driving. It is not uncommon to be fined a relatively small amount if stopped at a police check-point and drivers do not have it with them.

Yes, we deliver to hotels on Phuket free of charge. If for a short period and the hotel is far from us occasionally we can’t do it, please e-mail or call to check.

Our fuel policy is full to full which as with everything we do we believe is the fairest for our customers. You will receive the automobile with a full tank and should return it the same way thus only paying for what customers actually use. There is a good network of fuel stations throughout the island. Most open early though not many are open 24 hours a day so if you are leaving very early in the morning it may be best to fill up the previous day.
If the vehicle is not returned full we will need to charge for the missing fuel. We do not charge a punitive rate but will estimate the cost and round it up slightly as our staff will need to drive to the nearest station. We will always endeavour to be extremely fair but highly recommend that you fill up in advance to avoid this occurrence.

Yes our vehicle rental contract is in English and we also have it in German on request. We also have native English speakers available 24 hours a day.

One rental day equals 24 hours thus if you receive the vehicle at 3.00PM one days rental will be until 3.00PM the next day.

In general yes, the more notice that you can give us the better. We do not charge a fee for this though if customers are changing the model or time period the total price will likely change but will not be punitive, just the standard charge for that period and vehicle type.

No, it is not allowed to take to vehicle outside of Thailand and insurance will be void as soon as any border is crossed.

We do, generally for short periods Child seats are 100 Baht per day, Booster seats 50 Baht per day and GPS/SAT NAV units 150 Baht per day. There are discounts for longer periods (usually 7 days +).
Google maps are also good on Phuket and even the ‘Street view’ vehicle has done the rounds so pretty much anywhere can be found.

At the time of booking no payment at all is required, payment can be made in full on delivery of your rental. If customers decide to pay by cash we will then require a small deposit as well as full payment. The deposit will be refunded on return of the vehicle.
We realise that visitors often don’t want Thai currency refunded just as they are leaving the country and thus are happy to accept any major currency for the deposit part of the payment including USD, EUR, £, HKD, MYR, SGD, AUD etc.

Cost depends on model/type of vehicle, period of rental and length of rental. Prices are clearly set out on our website and will be confirmed by e-mail be rental. We do get our prices as low as possible and they are inclusive of taxes, delivery and first class insurance. What you see is what you pay, nothing added on covertly later.

If you need/would like to cancel your booking with us please just let us know by e-mail or telephone as soon as you can. There are no charges (you won’t have paid anything in advance and we will not have your credit card details) but we just ask for as much notice as possible. We realise that circumstances can change and this policy is part of our fairness pledge.

No, our office is 2 minutes outside of Phuket airport. We are happy to meet customers just outside of the arrivals terminal on arrival at Phuket airport. This service is free of charge and included in the vehicle rental price.

All of our vehicles are automatic transmission.

Yes, we allow one additional driver free of charge and any others can be added for 100 Baht per day per additional person (over the first two). Please note that all drivers should have a valid driving licence and their names should be entered on to the contract to be covered. If done in advance this is usually a very simple formality.

Yes we were established in Phuket back in 1996. We soon gained the confidence of its customers both local and international thus developing its long standing reputation as one of Phuket’s most trusted car rental companies.

Yes all Braun rentals come with first class insurance included in the rental price. This covers our motorcars and anyone else’s vehicle or property that you may be in collision with. The excess on our insurance is only 5,000 Baht which is one of the lowest in Thailand. The insurance is valid up to a maximum of 10 million Baht per claim.
Whilst we haven’t had a problem with this it should be noted that personal belongings left in the motorcar are not included in the insurance. So as with anywhere please don’t leave any valuables in the vehicle.
Also included in our rental price is caution security insurance which is a Bail Bond. This covers customers up to 200,000 Baht if they are detained for any reason due to a motor accident, there is no extra charge for this.

Yes the rate displayed on our site includes all appropriate taxes, first class insurance and in almost all cases includes delivery. Please note that whilst delivery is included in our price sometimes we cannot deliver for very short periods. This mostly depends on how far away from us you are and the time of year.

Unfortunately not at this time but we hope to be able to in the future.

Absolutely not, we do not retain your passport or any other of your personal documents or property during the rental period.

The roads on Phuket are generally well maintained and of a good standard. Of course there are some pot holes especially on country roads and it should be noted that local drivers are often cavalier with the rules of the road. You do need to be a little more cautious and especially watch out for the motorbikes but if you are aware whilst driving on Phuket you should be fine.

We can often deliver and this service is free of charge. Whilst we do not charge for delivery on occasion we cannot do it. This usually depends on how far away from us you are, length of rental, time of year and how busy the schedule is. Booking early will improve the likelihood of success.

Please notify us and we will get a replacement to you as soon as possible. Loss of vehicle keys is not covered by the insurance and whilst we don’t have punitive charges for anything there will be a charge for this and some of the electronic keys can be relatively expensive.

Simply by e-mailing stuart@braun-rentacar-com or filling out the form on our website there is no commitment and as you will note no payment details are required.
We are happy for you to pay for your rental once you have arrived in Phuket.
We are also happy to answer any questions in this manner.

On Phuket (and Thailand as a whole) driving should be on the left hand side of the road (as in the UK, Japan e.t.c.). Speed limits should be obeyed for safety reasons and as there are regular police checks on Phuket. Seat belts are mandatory and drink driving laws apply which can carry heavy penalties. All insurance is invalidated if driving over the legal maximum allowed alcohol limit.
Phuket is easy to navigate and it’s difficult to get too lost with many signs in English (as well as Thai). We’ll be happy to supply you with a free tourist map and have GPS/SAT NAV units for rent if required.
Apart from it’s famous beaches Phuket has many scenic view points and attractions and a rental vehicle is the ideal way to explore the island. Temples are a good place to start and there are many dotted about the island and visitors are welcome. If visiting a temple it is important to dress respectfully.

Big Buddha Phuket

The Big Buddha is well worth a visit, not only the 45 meter high monument itself but the fantastic all-round view. Pobably one of the best on the island and on a clear day you can see for miles. To visit is free of charge although donations to its ongoing maintenance are welcome. The road up to the Big Buddha beginnings not too far from Chalong circle but it is a steep drive.
Old Phuket town can also be worth a visit, much of it unchanged for many years. The old Sino-Portuguese buildings are handsome and many have now been turned into shops, restaurants and cafes. Parking can be difficult and the police will not be shy to chain one of your wheels until you pay the fine if you park illegally.


The view from the coast road between Kata and Rawai is pretty stunning. Best to pull in somewhere and take it in rather than gawping whilst driving along the cliff top for obvious reasons. There is a designated view point with car park and also a few bar/restaurants where you can have a drink whilst appreciating the stunning view out to sea.
Promthep Cape is also a popular landmark and view point and gets busy at sundown time being on the west coast. It is a great place to watch the sunset though if you go be warned, you will not be alone.

Shopping and ATM’s

Shopping is also a favourite here, there are a couple of international standard shopping malls in Central Festival and Jung Ceylon, many of Thailand’s famous local markets and everything in between.
Electricity in Thailand is usually 220 Volts, 50Hz, American style plugs are in use though adaptors are usually available in the large shopping malls.
ATM’s are widely distributed around the island and attached to most 7/11’s so obtaining local cash is not usually an issue though there is a charge for this service if a foreign card is used. this is normally displayed on the screen at time of withdrawal. The charge is usually per transaction unconnected to the amount withdrawn so cheaper to draw out larger amounts rather than small amounts many times.

Mobile SIM cards & VAT

Pick up a local SIM card at Phuket airport or the nearest 7/11. This is easy to do and can save you money whilst here on your holiday.
VAT at 7% is added to many items and if you are taking them back to your home country this can often be reclaimed. You will need to take your passport with you at time of purchase to arrange this but in some cases it can be well worth it.


Haggling is usually accepted and expected when making purchases on the island. Obviously common sense dictates that there are some places where it is not acceptable but you might be surprised at some that are. I have achieved discounts on big ticket items in big shopping centres and also at a hospital. Being angry or rude will get you nowhere, best to keep a smile on your face and be polite.


Swimming in the sea – whilst beaches are a main reason that many people visit Phuket and swimming in the Andaman Sea can be a highlight of the holiday you do need to be aware as it can also be dangerous. Some beaches have cordoned off area for swimming as there are a number of speedboats also using the sea. It is not unknown for swimmers to be injured by these. Also especially in the lower season some beaches have a strong undertow which you may be unaware of when standing on the beach. Please obey the red flags if being flown as every year people are drowned here either by lack of awareness of what the flags mean or by ignoring them.

Eating Out

Food is another reason many tourists visit Phuket and the abundance of choice can be overwhelming. From street food and tiny local restaurants to international chains and foreign international restaurants and it would be hard to not to be able to find something you like, cuisines of every type are catered for as is every budget. As an island seafood is an obvious speciality and well worth trying whilst here. There are many seafood restaurants which will also cater to most budgets.

Phuket Islands

There are a number of smaller islands not far from Phuket if you are looking for a little less hustle and bustle.
Koh Phi Phi, probably the most famous and the location for the movie ‘The Beach’. Very pretty and can be great for snorkelers and divers, gets busy in the high season. Can be reached by ferry or speedboat.
Koh Yao Yai and Noi (big and small) are a luscious pair of tropical islands a short hop by ferry from Phuket but a world away. You still have the weather beaches and friendliness but without the noise an hassle. There are nice places to stay and when not relaxing diversions can include snorkelling, kayaking, hiking, swimming. There is a very nice bike/cycling tour which can be organised on is run to international standards and comes highly recommended.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay whilst not an island is nevertheless well worth a visit. Located just off the island in neighbouring Phang Nga province this bay is absolutely stunning. Perhaps most famous for the so called ‘James Bond’ Island from the movie ‘The man with the golden gun’ the bay is notable for the number of limestone karsts that project vertically out of the emerald green waters of the bay. There are numerous small islands and mangrove forests throughout the bay. And you can take a Chinese style junk or a canoe/Kayak tour to best appreciate a once in a lifetime experience and a thoroughly enjoyable days outing.

for more information please visit our ‘about phuket’ section

Braun car rentals Phuket will never sell any of your private details to a third party.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions not answered above or on our website and we will be very happy to respond in a timely manner. Please see our privacy policy here.

Braun Phuket Car Rental Price & Service Promises to You

Our Phuket car rental prices include all fees, taxes, delivery (including Phuket airport delivery), top insurance coverage and unlimited kilometers.

Other reasons to rent with Braun:

  • Large range of late model vehicles.
  • Friendly efficient Braun service.
  • Genuine first class rental insurance.
  • Direct Braun Phuket hire, not an agent.
  • One of the lowest excess/deductibles in Thailand.
  • Unlimited kilometres / miles.
  • Braun never hold your passport or any of your documents.
  • No advance payment required, just pay for car rental on arrival / delivery
  • Phuket Airport Car Rental pick up
  • No Phuket airport fee.
  • No cancellation charges or amendment fees.
  • 24 Hour English speaking Braun Customer Support.
  • No charge for additional driver.
  • Absolutely NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Braun Fuel policy is full to full – the fairest for our customers:

The vehicle will come with a full fuel tank. As long as you replace the fuel you’ve used before you drop your rental off, there’ll be:

  • Zero refuelling fees / service charges.
  • No paying more than local pump prices.
  • No paying for fuel that you don’t use.

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The favourite Phuket car rental company offers a wide range of late model vehicles from the fun and sporty Honda City to the top of the range Mitsubishi Pajero with top insurance at budget hire prices, since 1996.

Braun Car Hire Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai:

vehicles from these manufacturers are available from Braun Phuket Car HireToyota, Honda & Mitsubishi as an airport delivery or from various locations around the island