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Phuket Car Rentals Toyota Yaris, as with the Honda Jazz is a very nice and simple to drive rental option. Parking is a cinch and a Yaris is a fun little rental car to drive around Phuket. Surprisingly roomy inside for a small car there is plenty of room for driver and passengers, even a six footer can sit comfortably in the driver seat. Whilst the luggage space is sufficient it is not overly generous. A very nice little family car a Yaris will seat up to 5 people and also has a decent 1.2 litre engine to cope with Phuket’s contours with ease.

The Phuket Toyota Yaris is fitted with radio/CD player, has a USB connection and has an Aux input for iPhone/ipod . A Braun Toyota Yaris is fun to drive, practical for Phuket and a good choice of vehicle to visit Phuket’s attractions. You can also rest assured that your Phuket car rental comes with no hidden charges

Phuket Car Rentals – Toyota Yaris advantages

Driving a compact car in Phuket, or any location, can offer several advantages. Here are some reasons why driving a Toyota Yaris might be beneficial in Phuket:

  1. Traffic and Parking: Phuket, like many tourist destinations, can experience heavy traffic, especially in popular areas. Small cars are more maneuverable, making it easier to navigate through congested streets. Additionally, small cars are often easier to park, which can be advantageous in areas where parking space is limited.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: The Toyota Yaris has a better fuel efficiency compared to larger vehicles. This can be advantageous, especially if you plan to explore the island extensively, as it can result in cost savings on fuel expenses.
  3. Narrow Roads: Some roads in Phuket may be narrow, particularly in older parts of town or in less-developed areas. Small cars can navigate these narrow roads more easily than larger vehicles.
  4. Easier Maneuverability: Phuket Car Rentals Toyota Yaris is generally more nimble and easier to maneuver, making it well-suited for navigating through tight spaces or negotiating turns. This can be particularly useful in urban areas or when driving in crowded conditions.
  5. Environmental Impact: Smaller cars tend to have lower emissions and consume less fuel, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint. This is an important consideration for those who are environmentally conscious.
  6. Ease of Driving: Some people find smaller cars easier to drive, especially in busy or unfamiliar areas. Maneuvering a smaller vehicle may be less intimidating for some drivers, making the overall driving experience more comfortable.
  7. Exploration of Remote Areas: Phuket has both popular tourist spots and less-visited, remote areas. A smaller car may be better suited for exploring harder to access locations where the roads may be narrower or less developed.

It’s important to note that while there are advantages to driving a small car in Phuket, personal preferences, the number of passengers, and the type of activities you plan to engage in should also be considered when choosing a vehicle. Additionally, always familiarize yourself with local traffic rules and driving conditions before getting behind the wheel in a new destination.

Phuket Airport Car Rentals
Toyota Yaris 1.2 Auto

Engine Size: 1.2 Litre
Fuel: Gasohol 95
Max Seats:5
Gearbox: Automatic
Class: Compact

Air Conditioning
Central Locking
Power Steering
Audio USB/CD/iPhone

Standard Day Rate Car Rental Prices

1st May – 31st Oct(lower)1,100 thb
1st Nov – 15th Dec(pre)1,200 thb
16th Dec – 31st Jan(main)1,300 thb
1st Feb – 30 April(post)1,200 thb

*Discount: 7 days at 5% for Phuket Car Rental & 10% for 2 weeks plus cheapest car hire Mitsubishi, Honda & Toyota

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1st May – 31st Oct1,100 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
1st Nov – 15th Dec1,200 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
16th Dec – 31st Jan1,300 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)
1st Feb – 30th Apr1,200 THB(SAVE 5%)(SAVE 10%)(SAVE 15%)(SAVE 20%)

* Please note that we are not always able to deliver to the south of the island for very short periods, on these occasions we do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and will try to suggest an alternative.

Braun Car Rental are Fully and Comprehensively Insured with The Safety Insurance Company of Thailand for our vehicle and any vehicle or property you may be in collision with. This insurance is not an extra, it is included in our rental price read more

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