Toyota Vios Automatic

Phuket Season Rental Deal ฿
1 May - 31 Oct(Lower)1,200
1 Nov - 15 Dec(Pre)1,300
16 Dec - 31 Jan(Main)1,400
1 Feb - 30 April(Post)1,300
*Discount: 7 days at 5% for Phuket Car Rental - 10% for 2 week cheapest car hire Mitsubishi, Honda & Toyota
Automatic • 1.5 Litre • Aircon • Radio CD Player • 4 Door • Seats 4/5

Phuket Airport Car Rent Available

Phuket Airport Car Rent – Toyota Vios

As with the Honda City's the Toyota Vios's are easy to drive medium sized sedan/saloon cars. They will seat up to 5 people and are equipped with a reasonable audio system (radio/CD player, USB connection & Aux input for iPhone/ipod). The trunk/boot will take a reasonable amount of luggage for a car this size but not 4 or 5 suitcases. As with the City, Jazz and Yaris it has a decent 1.5 litre engine which will climb Phuket's hill's without trouble. The Vios's are also a popular, practical and economic car for getting around Phuket. You may pick up your Toyota Vios from our Phuket Airport Car Rent point or delivered to your door at your hotel, guesthouse or villa if you prefer.

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Toyota Vios Car Rental Phuket  Discount offers - with Free Delivery*

RENTAL PRICES PER DAY up to 6 days 7 - 13 days (SAVE 5%) 14 - 20 days (SAVE 10%) 21 - 27 days (SAVE 15%) 28 days + (SAVE 20%)
1st May - 31st Oct 1,400 THB 1,330 THB 1,260 THB 1,190 THB 1,120 THB
1st Nov - 15th Dec 1,500 THB 1,425 THB 1,350 THB 1,275 THB 1,200 THB
16th Dec - 31st Jan 1,700 THB 1,615 THB 1,530 THB 1,445 THB 1,340 THB
1st Feb - 30th April 1,500 THB 1,425 THB 1,170 THB 1,275 THB 1,200 THB


* Please note that we are not always able to deliver to the south of the island for very short periods, on these occasions we do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and will try to suggest an alternative.

Braun Car Rental are Fully and Comprehensively Insured with The Safety Insurance Company of Thailand for our vehicle and any vehicle or property you may be in collision with. This insurance is not an extra, it is included in our rental price read more.


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